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XiP Toolkit

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Each XiP printer comes with an amazing toolkit, but, in case you need an extra set of tools, the toolkit is also sold separately.

  • Wash Bucket with Basket - to manually wash parts (compatible with the Wash+Cure as a two-stage process)
  • Rolled Mat - create a work surface anywhere
  • Snips - to remove supports
  • Scraper - to clean the membrane
  • Spatula - to remove parts from the build plate
  • Metal File, Flat - to file away support nubs
  • Metal File, Half-round - to file away support nubs
  • Cleaning Tool - to be used when auto-cleaning your membrane
  • Funnel - to put resin back into the cartridge
  • Filter - to remove partially cured resin from the vat
  • Gloves - to stay safe and clean
  • Tray - to contain your work while moving around the office