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3D Clean by 3D-Fuel - 2.85mm - Printer Nozzle Cleaning/Purging Filament

by 3D-Fuel
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Filament Color: Natural
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Clean your 3D printer's hot-end and nozzle with 3D Clean by 3D-Fuel.

3D Clean is a non-chemical, non-abrasive thermoplastic purging/cleaning compound that is safe for both operator and the 3D printer.

Available in 8-inch segments or in 35g coils (1.75mm and/or 2.85mm diameter) 3D Clean„ is specially designed by 3D-Fuel with 3D printers in mind and come ready to use.

Print Settings
Use 3D-Fuel 3D Clean„ at 230°C, unless the material that is being purged out requires a higher temperature.

3D-Clean SDS/TDS

Packing Information: 50 Sticks (1.75mm) or 35 Sticks (2.85mm) of 8-inch 3D Clean„ plastic filament arrives in a tube with a desiccant packet to keep out any moisture. Coils come in 35g and 100g coils of 1.75mm or 2.85mm. 

Test Printing: The 3D-Fuel test lab features multiple brands of 3D printers including Raise3D, MakerBot, LulzBot, FlashForge, and more. We 3D print what we manufacture to ensure that our filament provides the absolute best quality possible.