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XiP EverCare Service and Warranty Plan (1 Year)

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The EverCare Service Plan is an enhanced service and support plan designed to help you achieve the highest level of printing success on the XiP Desktop 3D printer from Nexa3D. Fufillment by Nexa3D or Factory Trained Reseller Technicians.

Number of printers covered: 1

Term: Annually Renewing

The plan includes -

Standard Services offered to all users of the XiP ecosystem:

  • Knowledge Base - Our online support portal full of in-depth self-help tools
  • Live Chat - Real-Time text chat with live Nexa3D support agents
  • Email Support - Asynchronous technical support via our email ticketing system

Additional services:

  • A team of EverCare service agents - 3D Printing Experts who are on standby to provide priority technical support and consultation
  • Live video training session - A custom 60 minute video consultation session with an EverCare Expert for you and your team to gain proficiency with your XiP 3D Printer. This can be used for initial onboarding, or for further clarification after you’ve gained experience with the printer.
  • Unlimited Phone and email Support - Direct support channels designed to help you quickly troubleshoot print or hardware issues:
  • Phone Support - An EverCare support hotline for quick answers to your troubleshooting or purchasing questions
  • Video Support - On-Demand, short video consultation sessions that can be requested during a support conversation in order to expedite troubleshooting, as well as live screen-sharing to help with a nuanced software question.
  • Printer Hot-Swap - Should your XiP 3D printer need a physical repair, we will cross-ship a replacement printer to you in order to prevent downtime while we service your device.
  • Priority Handling - Priority shipping of in-field replaceable hardware components and consumables when you get into a pinch